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United Arab Emirates
Central location and culturally-friendly care
View of Burj Al Arab
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a federation of seven emirates or states, bordered by Oman and Saudi Arabia. Once considered a desert wasteland, the UAE has mushroomed over the past two decades into an international blend of Eastern and Western-style commerce and tourism. On the healthcare front...
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Betty P., Illinois
I am a registered nurse with specialties (board certification) in infection control and gerontology. I have been to Costa Rica on five occasions for surgery.
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A number of factors contribute to the popularity of overseas destinations for plastic surgery patients. Most important is the reluctance of most health insurance companies and national health programs to cover the costs of elective procedures undertaken for aesthetic reasons.
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Reception, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital
A JCI-accredited institution that opened in 2007 as Dubai Healthcare City's first hospital, the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital treats more than 5,100 outpatients and nearly 150 inpatients annually.
Health travel is rewarding, but it can be complicated and it is hard to stay organized. Patients Beyond Borders makes planning and taking a trip so much easier.
–Doug S., Tomah, WI
Patients Beyond Borders tells how to plan and budget for medical care abroad and how to find the best doctors and hospitals.
-AARP Bulletin
Patients Beyond Borders...has helped thousands of patients plan successful health journeys abroad.
-US News and World Report
. . . accreditation and oversight by neutral overseers—JCI, Patients Beyond Borders, others—will be important.
–Deloitte Health, Medical Tourism Update and Implications
Patients Beyond Borders was my guide through the process of considering, researching, deliberating, and deciding to go abroad for surgery . . .
–Nancy S., Durham, NC
I spent a lot of time on the Internet trying to research this topic on my own. I recommend Patients Beyond Borders to anyone even remotely considering foreign medical travel.
—K. Williamson, Los Lunas, New Mexico